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Groomer & Co is a pet grooming shop company that was started with the idea of ​​bringing the very best in products to New Zealand groomers.

It all started when the groomers Flavio Fernandes and Carol Redondo, Brazilian groomers with over 25 years of experience, arrived in New Zealand in 2017, to work at ShowDogsNZ, and with their experience, they realized the need to bring to New Zealand quality products and differentiated for the pet market. Along with Kim Wilkinson, Director of ShowDogsNZ, ideas began to be created.

The first step was to import Dog & Co products, a complete line of professional shampoos, conditioners, hair care masks, texturizers and much more. High quality products with efficient cleaning properties.

Then came the Kenchii scissors, scissors worldwide known and desired by groomers all over the world.

And now also with its own line of scissors, Groomer & Co Shears, high quality scissors, tested and approved, differentials such as Chunkers Curves and inverse.

Our goal is to bring the best in quality, making the work of NZ groomers easier, always with the best service.

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