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Neutral Shampoo (Concentrate 1:5 dilution)

High-powered cleansing without damaging the skin and coat, restores nutrients lost naturally to soften the skin and coat, and promotes a shiny coat. High-performing on all hair types and colours. Available in 500ml and 5l.

1. A High-Performance RangeDesigned Specifically for Professional Groomers

International Certified Master Groomer & Judge, Flavio Fernandes, has meticulously formulated and tested our Professional Grooming Series in his salon. Designed with advanced features such as rapid-drying activators & detanglers, these products will enhance your grooming salon experience without compromising your professional standards. This is a comprehensive range for all coat types, harnessing natural ingredients with high detergency power. They protect the animals’ skin and fur while replenishing essential nutrients, ensuring a soft & healthy coat.

2. Made Pure in New Zealand

Mipuchi® sources the highest-quality signature New Zealand ingredients including Manuka Honey and Harakeke, and other natural botanicals and aromatherapy-grade ingredients. With no nasty chemicals, your customers can be assured you are using the very best grooming products on their pets.

3. Concentrated Shampoo Range (1:6 dilution)

Our Professional Grooming Series shampoo range is a concentrated formulation that will provide Animates with more value for money, while delivering the highest-performing product. We provide 5L bulk packs which reduces waste and the “cost-per-wash” for your business. Our 5L shampoo pack provides you with 30L of finished shampoo.

Mipuchi® Professional Grooming Series

Yield: 150 dogs/5l




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